Are Your Staff Deaf Aware?

DAT provide Deaf Awareness Training to organisations wanting to improve the service they offer to deaf people.

Deaf Awareness Week is coming! Running from 2-8 May 2016, it is a nationally recognised event to raise awareness about deaf issues and the impact hearing loss can have on people.

Are you looking to make your customer or client facing staff more deaf aware? Are you hoping to improve communication for people with hearing loss? Do you want become more inclusive of deaf people?

There are a few things you can do to promote deaf awareness in the workplace. Just getting staff to question the importance of their own hearing is a good place to begin. DAT can help to improve the way you interact with hard of hearing people by highlighting best practice, top tips and engaging in real life scenarios, such as:

Practical Training

  • What to do when a deaf person comes into your business.
  • When to question your businesses accessbility standards.
  • Understand what a hearing loop is, and how to use it.
  • How best to engage with deaf people or people with hearing loss.

Personalised Training

We offer bespoke deaf awareness courses at your place of business. You can opt for a three hour half day session, or a full-day session running for six hours. Exact details can be discussed, but we feel it's important that we address your concerns specifically. Let us know exactly how you want to improve the way your staff interact with deaf people or hearing impaired people, and we will give you all the information you need to provide this service.

To book or make further enquiries regarding deaf awareness training, contact Daryl, call/text this number: 1823 1608 970