Understanding Visual Impairment

DAT provide Visual Impairment Awareness Training to businesses or organisations wanting to improve the service they offer to visually impaired or blind people. Are you satisfied that your staff know how to communicate effectively with a visually impaired person? Do they know the basics of sighted guiding? How to behave with a guide dog? When to offer help?

Our visual impairment training course will address all these questions, and more. We will talk about the different types of visual impairment, correct terminology (blind, or severely visually impaired?) and give you lots of helpful pointers so that you can better serve your visually impaired clients.

Experienced Trainers

Of course, there are many practical measures you can take to make life easier for your customers with visual impairments, and we will discuss these and how to implement them. DAT's visual impairment trainer (Bill) has years of experience and will happily pass on his top tips on how to effectively assist people with all types of sight loss.

To book or make further enquiries regarding visual impairment awareness training, contact Bill or call/text this number: 1823 1608 970