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  • Name: Bill
  • Position: Co-founder of D.A.T
  • Experience: Visually Impaired for over 12 years
Disabled Motivational Speaker

Bill has been visually impaired (we don't use the word "blind") for over 12 years. This has never let him stop seeing the world as it really is. His is a story that will entertain, inspire and educate. Sometimes profound, always thought provoking and satisfyingly forthright, Bill can explain to you what it is like to be a visually impaired person in a seeing world. This results in one of the most engrossing motivational speeches you are ever likely to hear.

Bill tells stories. Whatever stories you want to hear, really. However, you will want to hear his own story. His experiences in the world of business provide a practical backdrop from which you can learn to succeed.

Whether you are hoping to motivate a group of volunteers, energise front-line staff, or educate senior management, Bill can provide an entertaining and thoroughly inspiring motivational speech from one of the finest disabled motivational speakers around. To find out more, please contact Bill or Daryl.

Inspire, Educate, Motivate

Bill is co-founder of DAT Disability Awareness Training. As a visually impaired person, he has a wealth of experience within the world of disability. This qualifies Bill to speak with some authority on the trials, tribulations and day-to-day obstacles of visual impairment and the way the world interacts with disabled people. Just as well that Bill is one of the best motivational speakers around!